07. Sri. Varadarajar’s shedding his mortal frame

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

One evening, Sri Varadarajar said to his wife, “Because of Goddess Sri Kamakshi’s grace you became my better half. I am extremely pleased with your service to me. Our son Seshadri has already achieved worldly acclaim as a model for all. My brother Ramaswamy has no issues and wishes to adopt our son Narasimhan. Please give him in adoption.”

Seshadri is going to shine in this world. I have received Devi’s call. Either this evening or before tomorrow’s sunrise, I shall depart. You will be living with Seshadri under his aura, and come later. You will also be liberated spiritually.”

He then explained to Seshadri that athisaram enables one to retain his memory till the last moment, without any diminution. Even if one deserves, one does not necessarily get it. The type of death called “Athisaarathu Maranam yoginamabhi durlabham”.

He continued, that by the grace of God, without any expectations, he had attained that state. He said “I am focussing my mind on thathwa. There is nothing that I need to tell you. Nevertheless you should appreciate one thing. That is, that however learned you may be, experience is most essential. Wisdom out of experience is the best.”

After having said the above, Sri Varadarajar entered into Samadhi.

Seshadri trembled. This irreversible sorrow, together with his profound knowledge of the Sastras wiped out his worldly attachment and strengthened his sense of renunciation.

Sri Kamokoti Sastrigal pacified the bereaved. He took the stunned Maragatham and the children to Vazhur (enroute Kanchi to Vandavashi).

Seshadri was then, fourteen years old.

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