01. Avathar Seshadri Swamigal – childhood (Bala paruvam) 1870 – 1889 (Kanchipuram)

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Goddess Sri Kamakshi Devi was very pleased with the Kamakoti Sastrigal family.

Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal, was born as the incarnation of the Lord/Devi, in the early hours of a Saturday on 22nd January, 1870, to the blessed divine couple, Maragatham and Varadarajar.

The baby was like a golden doll full of thejas on his face. He looked like the full moon. Since the child was born on a Saturday, the baby was named “SESHADRI”, in obeisance to the Lord Srinivasa of Tirupati and which also happened to be the name of their ancestor.

Those lotus eyes would be alchemy to remove the sins of mankind.

Maragatham, on Seshadri:

– the Sakora birds of Bharat would drink the divine nectar flowing from the face of her baby Seshadri.

– the lotus eyes of her baby Seshadri would be alchemy to remove the sins of mankind.

– his lips and tongue are the lions on which Goddess Saraswathi would sit.

The common folks, the learned and Crowns of Kings ,would rest on those feet of Seshadri and used to kiss the lotus feet.

The Child Seshadri, used to play with a cow’s young one as the cow was licking its calf. The parents exclaimed on seeing that sight calling him as Gokula Krishna. The child offered obeisance with flowers to the deity Sri Kamakshi Devi when his father was offering such obeisance. He would sit in meditation at the age of two like his father.