Dear All, Mahaan & Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal’s site is to go online tomorrow, 20th. Of September,2009 (Sunday), on the auspicious day of Mahaan’s star (Hastham)!

Please make a note of the website:

It is <>

Here are a few tips to make you viewing easy & enjoyable:

  1. To browse, please use FIREFOX, since it has multi-language support.

    (This is a free browser, and it occupied much less space compared to IE.

    Please use FIREFOX 3.5.3.exe

    To download, please go to


  2. After you install Firefox,

please go to the Tools button on you browser and click on Add-ons:

  1. Please install the following Add-ons (for viewing in Tamil & Devanagari):

    1) TAMILKEY 0.4.1

    2) PADMA 0.4.15

    3) LIPIKAAR 0.4.2

  2. After you install these, please restart your browser.

  3. Visit the Swamigal site again.

  4. If you encounter any problems viewing, you can contact either of us:

    Vaishnavi (91-8754494248)


Hope you enjoy the site!


Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


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