13. Seshadri becomes a SANYASI

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Difficult is the Path leading to Beloved.

It is like the edge of the sword.

When you have started to woo him let not the

decoram of society stand in your way.”


After he left home, five months had elapsed. He continued his ascetic way of life. One fine morning Seshadri had gone to the temple. On the banks of the Sarva Theertham (holy water tank), Seshadri saw a Sanyasi. His eyes overflowed with grace. Four of his disciples escorted him. To Sesha, they appeared to be Guru Dakshinamurthi and his disciples (Four Sanakathi Disciples).

Seshadri was overwhelmed by emotions. Tears welled up in his eyes and with his hands raised in obeisance over his head, he chanted the Dakshinamuthi Ashtakam.

Observing the devotion of Yogi Seshadri, Sri Paramahamsa Balaji Swamigal, bestowed his visual-blessing saying, “Maa Suchah! Maa Suchah!” (don’t be sad), and with his hand symbolizing the removal of fear, said: “Upavisa” (sit down). Yogi Seshadri obeyed and sat down. This was Seshadri’s receiving Nayana Diksha” (visual grace).

I wandered in search of a lover, but I found none.

When lover meets lover, then,

the devotion to the teacher strengthened.”


The sage Paramahamsa Sri Balaji Swamigal was on his way on a pilgrimage from Haridwar to Ramashwaram. He discussed a number of matters relating to Sastras with Seshadri. Seshadri started serving his master as his fifth disciple. He brought milk and fruits for the master. He massaged his master’s legs, he stood by his side and fanned with the palm leaf fan. In fine, he served him day and night in wholehearted manner. A week passed.

Seeing the tremendous determination of Seshadri, he considered him fit for Sanyasa. He gave Seshadri sanyasa and pronounced appropriate instructions. The Paramahamsa Swamigal who was an incarnation of Lord of Universe, having accomplished his mission, vanished with his four disciples.

Seshadri became a Jeevanmuktha.

He became immersed in the immense bliss of Brahmananda.

The aspirants are like shells in the sea and the

True Teacher is the drop of rain,

Their thirst is satisfied with the single drop of sweet

Water, what shall they do with the saline waters of the ocean?”


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