11. The Young Yogi immersed in Japa

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Due to the compulsion of his aunt and uncle Seshadri would stay in their house some two or three days. Sometimes five or six persons joined together and questioned Seshadri as to what he was doing, he would reply that he was doing Japa to get rid of karma. People would accept his point as quite valid and go their way in silence.

Hazrat Bullah Shah- Lahore, a Sufi Mystic said:

Blessed are those eyes, who at a very tender age

Have gone a-seeking for His Vision,

Offering their life as the price.”

Because of the disturbance from the common folks and relatives, Seshadri, the young Yogi would head for the burial ground, near the banks of the river Vegawathi, in the evenings, to do meditation and continue throughout the night and return home in the mornings. He said, that the cremation ground was “Rudhra Bhoomi”, and that the mantra chanted only once there, would be as effective as repeating the same 1,000 times elsewhere!

Ever since, his uncle and aunt locked him inside the room in the house. Seshadri happily continued his meditation hours together without food and water. This frightened his uncle. Fearing that he may lose his life, they dragged him out of the room. On the contrary the Rudhra Japa increased proportionately and the time for his return home in the mornings also extended. His fasting also increased. His aura and handsome appearance got enhanced.

That is, if God play the Helmsman, fearlessly we should plough the turbulent waters of the world, for surely we shall reach Home. I do not care what the world says. My only concern is my Beloved.”

(- Bulla Shah)

One day Parasurama Sastrigal raised his objection to Seshadri’s performing japa in the cremation ground. (He was the counter part of Kamokoti Sastrigal. Both continued to debate in Sanskrit for several hours). Yogi Seshadri stated that he was a naistika brahmachari, an upasakar. Hence, there was no restriction of space and time. Parasurama Sastrigal admonished him that in that case he should not come from cremation ground into a household. Yogi Seshadri agreed and left. From then on, he felt free to spend his time at temples or under trees. He never returned home.

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