10. The Ardent Devotee

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

His mother’s parting words increased Seshadri’s devotion to the Holy Arunachala.

Seshadri had never seen Thiruvannamalai (the holy hill of Arunachala), before. Nevertheless he was able to sketch on a board, the five peaks of the splendid Arunachala. (The town of Thiruvannamalai is situated 190 kms from Chennai).

Because of his supreme will-power gathered through the repetition of the Mantras, that he learned from his grandfather, Sri Kamakoti Sastrigal, the sketch turned out to be an exact replica. He brought colour into the sketch and started worshipping it.

From 5 in the morning to 12 noon, he would lock himself in a room in his uncle’s house and meditate. He would often shout “Arunachalesa! Sonadrinatha!”

He would go for a bath at 4 in the morning. He would skip his meal. He was absorbed in meditation. Soon, Seshadri shifted his practice of meditation, to the temple. He used to bathe three times a day. Sometimes, he would bathe more, saying that some pollution remained. He came to be known as “Water Crow.” He used to meditate in the Chakrathalwar Sanctum of Sri Varadarajar Temple in Kanchipuram up to 12 noon.

After 2 in the afternoon, he would be seen in the precincts of the temple of Goddess Kamakshi. He would perambulate the hallway seven times. He would prostrate himself before the Lord, countless number of times. He would return home at unearthly hours. If he accosted any woman on the street, he would go near them and prostrate himself before them.

If he met any acquaintances, he would touch their feet and take his fingers and palms to his eyes (as a mark of respect). If asked why he was doing like this, he would say that like Bharatha worshipped the feet of Lord Rama, he too worshipped the Lord.. When the deity Sri Varadaraja Perumal came as a holy procession, he would follow the deity. He participated in discussions on Sastras, carried on by scholars following the deity. He never had any ownership of a place (a place of his own).

Most of the nights Seshadri never slept.

If Sri Radha, the beloved consort of the supreme deity Sri Krishna says:

To what purpose should I carry my eyes and other senses when my very life is futile. Alas! How shameless are all those to me! I feel like stones and dry fuel, if without a vision of Lord Krishna they survive. The eyes that do not enjoy the Divine Vision are like the eyes painted on the feather of a peacock; and the feet that do not repair to Him are like unto trees, standing immobile at one place.”

The Lord, Sri Krishna Himself states:

Not till you have My direct Vision, Cycle of rebirth, the womb of eternal pain shall cease.”

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