06. The Young Divine Scholar

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Those days, there were three schools in Kanchipuram, – the temple Veda Patasala (School) of the Dharmasthan, the Sastra Patasala and the Satakopa Nilaya Patasala. Seshadri joined these schools and attended them both in the morning and evening.

In due course his intellect, speech and grasping power began to shine in a super human manner. Many declared him a godly person! At a very tender age he could expound with clarity and courage many subjects before august audiences.

In a conclave of scholars in colleges and in public meetings, he was the one selected to initiate the lectures. Apart from illustrations from slokas, he could render in sonorous music, concepts, which would hover in the listener’s mind forever. Seshadri could render in poetry, his praise of Varadaraja Perumal and Devi Sri Kamakshi.

It is regrettable that none of these treasures are available now as music or text.

Sri Kamakoti Sastrigal said that he was waiting for him to get well versed in Vyakaranam to bestow on Seshadri his spiritual knowledge (Adhyatma Vidhya) and to impart to him various secret mantras.

He considered Seshadri to be the fittest boy to receive such sacred lore. Seshadri took this injunction of his grandfather seriously and was instructed by teachers like Srinivasacharya of the temple Veda Patasala, Vidyachar, a great Guru of the Madhwa sect and Ramachandrachar.

However learned you may be, experience is most essential.  Wisdom born out of experience is the best.”

(-Sri. Varadarajar, Mahaan’s father)

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