02. The Kamakoti Family

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Kamakotiyars

The Kamakotiyars were experts in the four Vedas. Maha Thiripura Sundari Sri Kamakshi Devi was their family deity. They had attained Siddhi in Sri Vidya. So they had the power to confer boons and punishments. They were experts in astrology. Joshyam Sri Subbarayar and Kamakoti Sastrigal were famous astrologers.

Kamakoti Sastrigal

Sri Kamakoti Sastrigal was born in the year 1790. He had attained ‘Sri Vidya Siddhi’. He earned the fame of being an all knowing-Rishi. He had no male issue and was blessed with a daughter Seshammal. Sri Chidambara Sastrigal, the elder brother of Kamakoti Sastrigal had two sons and two daughters, one of whom was Maragatham (mother of Sri Seshadri Swamigal).


Maragatham’s supremacy in knowledge made people remark that she was an incarnation (Amsam) of Goddess Sri Kamakshi Devi. She earned the title of Sahitya Sangeetha Kalavathi at the age of 12. Sri Kamakoti Sastrigal fixed a suitable match by name Varadarajar of the same Kamakoti vamsa for Maragatham. He was very handsome and was well versed in all the four Vedas. He had obtained Sri Vidya Siddhi (Brahma Shakthi form Sri Kamakoti Sastrigal- self-realised). The marriage ceremony between Varadarajar and Maragatham lasted seven days.

Varadarajar and Maragatham

Maragatham treated her husband as God and served him like Goddess Parvathi. She used to sing the hymns composed by her father in praise of the deity Sri Kamakshi Devi with deep devotion and forgetfulness of self. As she went to sleep after Sri Varadarajar and awoke before him. Sri Varadarajar never saw his wife asleep. Maragatham adhered to this strict daily routine without fail. Sri Varadarajar was a famous Josiar and Sri Vidya Upasakar. Sri Varadarajar had a younger brother by name Sri Ramaswamy Josiar. Sri Varadaraja Josiar lived with Maragatham and strictly adhered to the rules of Sastras. The people of Kanchipuram praised them as Lord Parameshwara and Devi Parvathi on seeing their harmony and code of conduct. The couple did not have any child. Sri Kamakoti Sastrigal himself pleaded with his family deity Sri Kamakshi Devi with intense piety.

One day heeding the devotee’s prayers the Goddess Sri Kamakshi Devi appeared in his dream and told him, Give Navaneetham (butter) and their will arise a blaze of knowledge.”

With great delight, he worshipped and praised Goddess Parashakthi with all his fervour. Then the great learned one, gave his daughter and Varadarajar (Navaneetham) from cow’s milk after due incantations of the mantras of the Goddess. Maragatham conceived soon.

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